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For instance, polypropylene forms when propene monomers join one after the other. Check the Revision Notes Class 12 Chapter 15 for a better description of addition polymers along with examples. Another type of polymers is formed by conducting a condensation reaction. When the condensation reaction is repeated, the monomers connect to each other ... The chemistry of making plastic. It’s helpful to understand some of the chemistry behind the polymerization reaction to appreciate how the process works and the complexity involved in making plastic. A polymerization reaction starts with a primary ingredient (monomer), such as ethylene or propylene. Apr 06, 2018 · How are monomers, polymers and macromolecules related? Monomers are smaller molecules, and when bonded together, make up polymers . -Fatty acids are the monomers for lipids , for example, and regardless of how they are bonded (as a saturated or unsaturated fat, for example), they will form lipids. -Nucleotides form nucleic acids (eg.